About Wild Roots Grazing Table

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Rachel Hyatt

Passion meets precision in everything Rachel does. As the visionary behind Wild Roots Grazing Table, she curates unforgettable culinary experiences that blend artistry and flavor. With an impressive background managing a bustling airline operation, she brings the same dedication and quality to every grazing masterpiece. From her role as Treasurer for the Arts Council of Temecula Valley to her unwavering commitment to teamwork and integrity as General Manager for SkyWest Airlines Durango Station, Rachel is a force of nature in both business and creativity. She crafts visually stunning displays that tantalize the senses and ignite conversations. Rachel infuses her life with an artistic flair that celebrates both food and culture. Join her on this mouthwatering journey! 🌱🍴🎨and get ready to indulge in a symphony of creativity that will leave you craving more.